London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Southall-Norwood 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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The following table gives the length of Sewers in the District,


6-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.9-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.l0½-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.12-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.15-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.21-in. Pipe. Lineal Ft.Total Length. M. Fur-Yds.
165.13,767.6,425.7,605.20,126.5,265.10 0 184

New Sewer to North Hyde.
Tenders were invited for the construction of this Sewer from the
Green to the King's Head Public House, Bull's Bridge Road, and the
Council accepted the tender of Messrs. Killingback & Co. to lay 15
and 12 inch Hassall's patent double lined Stoneware pipes, and the
work has been carried out at a cost of £2,811 lis. 2d.
Beaconsfield Road.
A Storm Water Sewer has been laid for a distance of 480 feet in
the above road at a cost of £39.
New Sewers have been laid in the following roads by the
owners :—
Endsleigh Road.
York Road.
Spencer Road.
Hammond Road.
Sewage Works and Farm.
Method in use in the District (Water carriage system with separate storm water sewers
At the Sewage Works the District Sewage flows in by
gravitation and is delivered either into settling tanks or precipitating
tanks as may be required. From the settling tanks a 12-in. main is
constructed on to the irrigation site, where the sewage is run in open
carriers, and distributed at various points on to the land (which is
underdrained), and the effluent passes into the river Brent, at the
Eastern boundary of the farm. When the sewage is delivered into the
precipitating tanks it is treated with lime and alumino ferric, and after
being allowed to remain until all the solids are precipitated the supernatant
water is drawn off by means of a floating arm and passed
through coke breeze filter beds, and is then discharged into the Brent.