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Richmond upon Thames 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Percentage of
Infection's Cases
removed to
Of the 70 cases of Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, and
Enteric Fever which were notified in the Borough,
there were 52 removed to Hospital, which is at the
rate of 74.2 per cent.,

as compared with 64.5 per cent, for the previous year.

1905. Per cent.1904. Per cent.1903 Per cent.1902. Per cent.1901. Per cent.
Diphtheria and Croup72.866646366.6
Scarlet Fever84.767.684.884.784.6
Enteric Fever38.628304775
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Examination of
Material from
Suspected Cases
of Diphtheria
and Enteric
The arrangement made between the Health Committee
and the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine
whereby any medical practitioner in the Borough can
obtain at the Town Hall a suitable apparatus for
collecting and forwarding material from suspected
cases to the Lister Institute, has been found of great service.
There were 9 such samples forwarded from patients suspected
to be suffering from Diphtheria, 1 of which showed the presence
of Diphtheria Bacilli, and 8 samples of blood from suspected cases
of Enteric Fever. 4 giving the Widal reaction.
The following is a copy of a Report presented to the Education
Committee :—
Gentlemen,- I beg to report on the duties carried out by me as
your Medical Officer in connection with the Elementary Schools
during the year 1905.
Seventy-five visits were made to the various departments of
the Elementary Schools in the Borough, several of the visits being
at the request of the Teachers.
Twenty-five visits and examinations of children at their homes
were made, at the request of the School Attendance Officer or
Teachers, owing to the children being absent from School, said to
be ill and not under medical treatment.

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