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Richmond upon Thames 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Total Admissions. The admissions during 1905 amounted to 228;
being 74 more than in 1904, and slightly below the
average of former years.
Diphtheria. 99 cases of this disease were admitted. Not only
was the proportion of Diphtheria cases unusually high
(99 out of a total of 228), but the total number of cases w'as in
excess of the average (which is 57) and of the previous highest total
(85) in 1902. There were 14 deaths; giving a case mortality of 141
per cent., which is slightly above our average mortality in this
disease. This was no doubt due to the large number of very severe
cases admitted during the late epidemic. Of the total number of
cases 70 were admitted during the last four months of the year.
Scarlet Fever. 117 cases were admitted, compared with 97 during
the previous year and an average of 165 for all years.
This total promised at one time to be much less, but there was a
sharp epidemic during the last quarter, which added 50 cases. One
death occurred; giving a case mortality of -8 per cent, for the year,
the lowest we have ever had.
Staff. One member of the staff was warded with Scarlet Fever
during the year. In spite of the Dipptheria wards being
crowded for several months, it is satisfactory to be able to report
that none of the staff contracted the disease, as so frequently
happens under these conditions, four members of the staff were
warded for various other complaints.

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