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Richmond upon Thames 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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The death rate in 1905 for England and Wales was l.0 per
1000 below the rate for 1904, and lower than the rate in any other
year on record.

Births and Deaths during 1905 in the various Wards,

Wards.Total Births.Birth Rate per 1000 livingTotal Deaths.Death Rate per 1000 living.
Total for Borough69620.543912.9
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†After deducting 51 in the Union Workhouse.
Chief Epidemic
Diseases, Death
The number of deaths due to the " seven principal
Zymotic Diseases"* usually classified under
this heading was 47. This gives a zymotic death
rate of 1.3 per 1000 persons living, as compared
with 1.5 for 1904. The zymotic death rate of England and Wales
for 1905 was 1.52, that for the 76 great towns 1.88, and Rural
England and Wales 1.09.
Scarlet Fever.—1 death.
Measles. —4 deaths, all below 5 years of age.
Diphtheria and Croup.—3 deaths below 5 years of age.
Whooping Cough.—25 deaths, 24 below 5 years of age.
Enteric Fever.—A deaths.
Diarrhcea.—10 deaths, 6 of these being below 1 year of age.
* Small pox, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, fever
typhus, enteric, and continued), and diarrhoea.

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