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Kingston upon Thames 1921

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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A short comparative table is here appended, and the marked improvement in the number of children treated is chiefly due to the energies of the School Nurse, who has been able during 1921 to carry out home visiting more fully.

Children referred for treatment951568
Children satisfactorily treated344512
Home visits made by School Nurse281550
Cleanliness surveys14,04616,617

Medical treatment has been obtained on the advice of
the School Medical Officer from Hospitals or private practitioners.
Minor ailments and skin diseases have been treated by
the issue of ointments, etc., at the Clinic.
Sixty-seven cases of enlarged tonsils and adenoids have
received treatment, chiefly at the Kingston and District,
Kingston Victoria, and Richmond Hospitals.
All cases of suspected Tuberculosis have been referred
to the Surrey County Council Tuberculosis Officer, Dr.
Cameron Renwick, who has given very great assistance in
his advice, supervision, and recommendation as to the disposal
of these children.
Sixty-six children suffering from defective vision were
submitted to refraction and obtained glasses, mainly at the
Royal Eye Hospital, London, S.E., and Richmond Hospital.
Ear disease and deafness were referred to private practitioners
and Hospitals.
One hundred and seventeen children suffering from
dental defects received treatment during the year from the
local dentists chiefly. Advice has been given to parents
whose children have crippling defects, and now several receive
electrical and massage treatment at the Red Cross
Curative Post at Norbiton.
The Central Aid Society has been most helpful in assisting
the School Medical Service in obtaining letters for Hospitals,
fares to London, payments for massage, etc., in cases
where the parents cannot afford to pay.
When notified by the School Medical Officer, the
National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children has
aided in following up and in urging parents to obtain essential
treatment, with satisfactory results.