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Kingston upon Thames 1921

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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Two hundred and fifty-four complaints were made during the year as follows:-

Drains and Sanitary arrangements40
Water Supply5
Accumulation of manure and non-removal of house refuse18
Absence of ashbins6
Flooding of cellars1
Dampness (bursting pipes, etc.)4
Insanitary condition of premises125
Defective roofs5
Nuisance from keeping of animalsIS
Smoke nuisance from chimneys2
Nuisance from flies3

The complaints were investigated promptly, and where
the Corporation possessed powers to interfere immediate
steps were taken to remove the cause of the complaint.
No house-to-house inspections were made during the
year. The Corporation has recently decided to appoint an
Assistant Sanitary Inspector, and it is confidently anticipated
that during the year 1922 inspections under the Housing
(Inspection of District) Regulations, 1910, will be recommenced.
The following statistics are set out in accordance with
the requirements of the Ministry of Health :—
Number of new houses erected during the year :—
(a) Total 16
(b) As part of municipal housing scheme 12
1. Unfit dwelling-houses.
Inspection: (1) Total number of dwelling-houses
inspected for housing defects (under Public
Health or Housing Acts) 448
(2) Number of dwelling-houses which were inspected
and recorded under the Housing (Inspection
of District) Regulations, 1910 nil.