London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Kingston upon Thames 1920

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]


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  • Page 4
    CAUSES OF DEATHS (Civilians only).
    Causes of Death.Males.Females.
  • Page 8
    Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspector or Inspector of Nuisances.
    PREMISESNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesProsecutions
  • Page 9
    Defects found in Factories, Workshops & Workplaces.
    PARTICULARSNo. of DefectsNumber of Presecu-tions
    FoundRemediedReferred to H.M. Inspector
  • Page 9
    Registered Workshops. A New Register is in course of formation. Other Matters
    Class (1)Number (2)
  • Page 11
    INSPECTIONS. The following is the total number of inspections made in regard to each section of the work, together with a summary of sanitary improvements executed :—
  • Page 13
    The following premises were re-drained during the year :—
  • Page 14
    HOUSING. Only 8 houses were inspected under the Housing Acts during the vear. viz :—
  • Page 17
    The result of inspections is reflected in the following list of foodstuffs condemned during the year:—
  • Page 18
    189 complaints were made during the year as follows :—
  • Page 19
    Complaints—( contd.)