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Harrow 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Harrow-on-the-Hill]

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In 1910 the percentage was 13; in 1909, 12.3; and
in 1908, 11.5.
Twenty-two certificates of 17 cases were received
during the year consisting of 10 certificates under the
voluntary system and 12 under the Public Health
(Tuberculosis in Hospitals) Regulations, 1911.
I draw attention to the fact that out of 17 cases
notified 9 work outside the district and only sleep in
In future reports I purpose showing the number
of cases that have originated outside the district.
Full use has not been made of the Council's three
beds at Mount Vernon Sanatorium as there were only
two cases suitable for admission.
During the year five patients were sent to other
Sanatoria through persons taking an interest in them.
During the last two years all the patients sent
by the Council to Mount Vernon Sanatorium with one
exception have done well. The improvement in their
health has been maintained and they have been able
to continue their employment.
The above mentioned patient that had benefitted
greatly by sanatorium treatment relapsed immediately
owing to taking to drink on his discharge.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis became compulsorily
notifiable on January 1st. 1912. In future I will
know of all cases of the disease in the District.
This will greatly assist me in taking steps to prevent
the spread and diminish the ravages of the scourge.
The Focal Government Board has approved an
Order permitting the Middlesex Joint Small Pox Hospital
Board to receive cases of Consumption into the
Clare Hall Hospital, South Mimms.
There is great need for public notices with regard
to the insanitary custom of spitting in public places,