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Hampton 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hampton]

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have also been re-drained, and others, particularly on the Terrace, need
re-draining and the same test applied. The flushing of drains was continued
as last year, and, in addition, disinfectants were mixed with the water during
the outbreak of diphtheria.
The newly-erected mortuary has given great satisfaction, and the Coroner
for West Middlesex pronounced it as one of the best in his district.
Isolation Hospital.
I have again to draw the Council's attention that no provision is made for
the isolation of infectious diseases in the district.
1 remain,
Your obedient Servant,
Medical Officer of Health.
Hampton Wick,
30th January 1898.
Area and Population of the District.
Area in acres 1,315
Population (1891) 2,378
„ (estimated to middle of 1897) Same
Death f General, 13*03 per 1,000 population, estimate! to middle of
rates 1896
Infant (under one year of age), 45 per 1,000 births registered.

Hampton Wick District.—Mortality of the last ten years,1888-97.

Number of deaths24352725293627282431
Annual death-rate11.1016.1812.2710.5112.1913.039.2511.778.4113.03
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Average annual death-rate for the last 10 years, 11.7.
The calculation of the annual death-rate is made on the census, and on
the estimated population in various years; cases which have no connection
with the district being omitted.
Th. Gunther, M.D.

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