London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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East Ham 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The following table gives particulars of the cases:—

Name.Age.S X.Ward.Notification received.Result.
A.M.A.11 mths.F.Plashet WestApril 14thRecovered—Diagnosis doubtful.
W.D.C.11 „F.Manor ParkAug. 26thDied Aug. 22nd.
E.H.3 yearsF.Manor ParkOct. 2ndDied Oct. 2nd.
L.B.9 „M.Central EastOct. 13thDied Oct. 14th in Isolation Hospital.
E.F.5 „F.Central WestOct. 20thDied Oct. 20th, in Isolation Hospital.
G.M.1 yr. 8 mths.M.Manor ParkOct. 27 thRecovered — no Paralysis.

Acute Polio-Myelitis.
This disease is more commonly known as Infantile Paralysis.
Eight cases were notified during the year. Four cases were
not notified until after death had taken place.
One case notified was a chronic case of two years' standing.

The particulars are given in the following table:—

Name.Age.Sex.Ward.Notification received.Result.
A.M.5 yearsM.Manor ParkMar. 19thRecovered with Paralysis of lower extremities.
H.J.M.Plashet WestAug. 29thRecovered — right leg paralysed.
*A.B.H.6 „F.Central WestSept. 22nd.Died Sept. 20th.
*A.J.H.1 yr. 10mths. M.Central WestSept. 22ndDied Sept. 20th.
F.B.3 yearsM.Central WestSept. 24thChronic case of 2 years' standing.
A.F.2½ years.M.Central EastOct. 9thLeft arm and right leg paralysed.
D.W.10 „F.Plashet WestOct. 14thDied Oct. 14th.
J.M.3„M.Plashet EastOct. 20thDied in London Hospital Oct. 24th.
* Same family.

Typhus Fever.
One case was notified during the year. The patient recovered.
I visited the case and all precautions were taken, but the diagnosis
was doubtful.
It is gratifying to note a diminution in the number of deaths
from this disease during the year. 168 deaths occurred, as compared
with 190 in 1912.