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Chingford 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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decennium 1886-95, was 2.6 per 1,000 for all England. In 67 medium-sized towns the mean zymotic death-rate in 1896 was 2.5 per 1,000.

Zymotic Diseases.Notifications.Deaths.
Scarlet Fever6
Whooping Cough1
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Scarlet Fever. —The six cases of this fever occurred in
the months of January, May, October and December. They
were, all of them, sporadic cases, affecting four different households
in different parts of the parish, and in all but one case
there was clear evidence of importation. The habitations of the
poor were not affected by this visitation. There was no spread
of the malady in any instance, beyond the family first affected.
In one case the disease seems to have been imported from
Germany, through the medium of a book, which had escaped
disinfection. In all the houses affected disinfection was carried
out by Mr. Griffin. One of the patients was removed to the
Epping Isolation Hospital.
Diphtheria.—The three cases of this malady occurred in
the months of January and March in different parts of the
district. In one of these cases the drinking water had been
obtained from the cistern supplying the water-closet, a defect
which was subsequently remedied. A case of diphtheria
occurred also in this house a year or two since. Disinfection was
carried out in each case, and the disease did not spread. One
patient was removed to the Epping Isolation Hospital and died

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