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Stepney 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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It is a condition of the payment of a contribution to any voluntary
association under the scheme:—
{a) That the Council are satisfied as to the efficiency of the maternity
and child welfare service provided by the Association in respect of which,
the contribution is payable, and that such service is being used by a
reasonable number of those persons for whom it is provided ;
(b) That no reduction or alteration of such service is made without
the consent of the Council ;
(c) That such service, and any premises in which it is carried on,
are open to inspection at all reasonable times by any officer of the Council
duly authorised by the Council, and by any officer of the Ministry of
Health appointed for that purpose by the Minister ;
(d) That the Association sends to the Council in each year a copy
of the Annual Report of the Association on the Maternity and Child
Welfare Work of the previous year, together with a statement of the
accounts of the Association for that year relating to such work and a
copy of the Auditor's Certificate thereon, and furnishes the Council
from time to time with such other information relating to the maternity
and child welfare services provided by the Association and the expenditure
thereon as the Council may reasonably require ;
Provided that the Council shall not, except with the consent of the
Minister of Health, terminate or make any reduction in the annual contribution
payable to an association in respect of any service on the ground that any
of the foregoing conditions are not fulfilled in the case of that service.
Convalescent Treatment.
Convalescent Treatment is a boon to the mothers in Stepney and is much
appreciated. It is remarkable to learn that several of them had never been
away for a holiday from home before especially to the seaside.

During the year, mothers and children were sent away to the homes mentioned below:—

St. Mary's, Birchington2223
Invalid Children's Aid Association-1
St. Mary's, Dover4961
Church Army Convalescent Homes, Merrow812
St. Leonards68
All Saints' Convalescent Home, Eastbourne7
Southern Convalescent Home, Worthing69
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I certainly think that a Convalescent Home at the seaside run conjointly
with say 2 other Boroughs would be of immense advantage.

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