London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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From the10th day of April.1884the6th day of May,1884.

To Balance in hands of Churchwardens10210Bishop of London's Fund2000
Offertories—Hospital Sunday Fund4695
To General Purposes320178National Schools23160
„ Bishop of London's Fund2000Society for the Propagation of the Gospel19187
„ Hospital Sunday Fund4695District Visiting Society2082
„ National Schools12143Sick and Needy947
„ Society for the Propagation of the Gospel19187Fulham Home4130
„ District Visiting Society2082Church Temperance Society322
„ National Schools, 2nd Collection11191471111
„ Sick and Needy947???ilaries and Wages—
„ Fulham Home4130Mr. Adams, Organist10000
„ Church Temperance Society322Choir-master, Rev. J. H. Cheadle5000
„ Cash, Kent of Cellarage, St. Matthew's Chapel2146Mansfield, Steeple-Keeper4000
„ „ County Treasurer for use of Vestry Hall3000Ringing Bells, Queen's Birthday8186
Per Charity Commissioners—„ „ Christmas Day and New Year's Eve
To Vicar and Churchwarden's Fund2393„ „ Muffed Peal, Lord Overstone
„ Barnett's Charity196„ „ Duke of Albany
763„ „ Thomas Sidney, Organ Blower800
„ Boxes in Church109„ „ Mrs. Ponton, Vestry Keeper44100
„ „ Cleaning Church and Gratuity25150
Special Donations—
„ „ Mr. Zoller, Wages (56 weeks)65160
To Vountary Rate500„ „ Pew Opener1500
„ Messres. Coutts & Co.550„ „ Mrs. Horton300
„ Messrs. Drummond1500„ „ Mrs Wilson300
„ Lady Loyd Lindsay16130„ „ Mrs. Green, attending Magistrates500
„ Lord Muncaster300„ „ Messrs. Lund and Blockley2000
„ Mr. T. W. Marshal550„ „ Mr. Hill Tuning Organ1600
„ Mr. Grove200454196
„ Mr. Andrew220By Mr. Stevenson, Painting and Decorating38100
495„ „ Cleaning Church during and after painting1999
Special Donations for Painting ana Decorating Interior of Church—„ „ Cloth, & c.31111
To Rey. W. G. Humphry, B.D.10000„ „ Messrs. Hill and Sons, repairing Organ1100
„ Mr. Geo. James, Churchwarden1000Insurance-
„ Mr. F. J. Barron ditto550By Phoenix Fire Office, £6,450529
„ Duke of Leinster50o
Lord Overstone2000„ Sun „ £6,4004100
,, Lady F. Cavendish15009129
„ Lord Muncaster550„ Gas Light and Coke Company (3 quarters)38191
„ J. T Leather. Esq.500„ Coal, Coke, and Firewood950
„ John Pain Esq.500„ Water Rate150
„ Messrs. Coutts & Co.2500„ Ground Rent, Drury Lane5118
„ Messrs. Drummond2500„ J. C. Lee, Esq., Registrar3910
„ Messrs, Cocks, Biddulph & Co.10100„ Fees, Registrar of Archdeaconry Court180
Carried forward£2310075617Carried forward£,08645