London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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Alphabetical List of the Persons, &c., to whom are owing the Moneys comprised in the foregoing Statement of Liabilities (page 28).

Butler, George Sewers Rate (Repairs, &c.)86160
Halvert, F. C. & Co. „ (Disinfectants)15134
Booke, William Establishment (Sale of Food, &c., Acts)150
Book, James General Rate (Poundage)42196
Ditto Sewers Rate (ditto)1820
Torsan, J. General Rate (Street Signs)7154
Parrett, Sidney (ditto) (Brokerage)150
Ditto Sewers Rate (ditto)150
Gabriel, J. S. General Rate (Watering and Paving)631151
Ditto Sewers Rate (Repairs, &c.)49610
Ditto Establishment (Cleansing Courts)19128
Greenfield, J. Z. General Rate (Poundage)30210
Ditto Sewers Rate (ditto)12174
Green, A. General Rate (Mortuary)2100
Gas Light and Coke Co. ditto (Lighting)87230
Ditto Establishment (Gas)6190
Hampton & Sons ditto (Hire of Chairs)300
Harrison & Sons, ditto (Printing, &c.)13100
H.M. Commissioners of Works, &c. General Rate (Water)11368
Ditto ditto Sewers Rate (Cleansing)9196
Improved Wood Pavement Co. General Rate (Paving)3,4241711
Kendall, R Establishment (Sundries)11210
Merryweather & Sons Sewers Rate (Urinals)3123
Marshall, T. W. General Rate (Poundage)53103
Ditto Sewers Rate (ditto)22186
Mowlem, J., & Co. General Rate (Paving)17017
New River Co. Sewers Rate (Cleansing, &c.)98166
Ditto Establishment460
Pink, J. F., ditto (Returns)212
Reddin, Edmund General Rate (Slop and Dust Collecting, Watering, &c.)688100
Ditto Sewers Rate (Cleansing)28150
School Board for London General Rate (1st instalment of Precept)3,450911
???aggers, Thomas General Rate (Sundries)4120
Mouth Eastern Railway Co. ditto (Rent)1697
???ugg & Co. ditto (Lighting)83170