London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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SCHEDULE BB—Sewers Rate.

Detailed particulars of Assets and Liabilities.

Cook, James, Uncollected Rates27024
Greenfield, J. Z. ditto1483
Marshall, T. W. ditto2672
Butler, George, Sewers' Repairs, &c.86160
Calvert & Co., Carbolic Acid, &c.15134
Cook, James, Poundage on Rates .1820
Greenfield, J. Z. ditto12174
Gabriel, J. S., Flushing Sewers and Urinals49610
H.M. Commissioners of Works, Water9196
Marshall, T. W., Poundage on Rates22186
New River Company, Water98166
Reddin, Edmund, Cleansing Sewers, &c.28150
Sundry Persons under £5 each473
Establishment Expenses (apportionment) Schedule CC.17810

SCHEDULE CC—Establishment Expenses.

Detailed particulars of Assets and Liabilities.

Gabriel, J. S., Whitewashing Courts19128
Gas Light and Coke Company, Supply of Gas to Vestrv Hall and Mortuary6190
Harrison & Sons, Printing13100
Sundry Persons under £5 each1250
Apportionment of the above Liabilities.
General Rate Account (Schedule AA)341710
Sewers Rate do. ( do. BB)17810
Note.—The liabilities for Establishment Expenses are apportioned on the same basis as Receipts and Payments for the like purpose, viz., two-thirds to the General Rate, and one-third to the Sewers Rate.