London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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To balance in hand of treasurer on last account317185By Messrs. Mowlem and Co., for supply of stone for repairing carriage-) ways and footways, and for mason's and paviour's work...1,335124
clerk „583
,, surveyor „3135Mr. Beevers for supply of broken granite675136
879141???Easton removing dust and ashes1,280) 00
Amount received from General Rate made 15th November 1862(in_ cluding arrears of previous Rate, see p. 43)5,20045„ spreading water on the streets446150
Amount received from General Rate made 6th November 18612 (including arrears of previous Rate, see p. 43)6,04714commissioners of H.M. Works for supply of water118510
1024759Equitable Gas Light Company for lighting street lamps2,131126
Cash from Churchwardens and Overseers, repayment of Loan...90000London „ „12811
„ Churchwardens, for Fire Insurance, paid from petty cash9862,259137
Rent of stone depot, 1 year, to Michaelmas, 18622500
Duke of Bedford, one year's rent, as agreed, for outbuildings to four houses in Crown-court, overlying Drury-lane burial-ground, due at Midsummer, 1862•••100Mr. Flood, repairing picks, making boundary marks, &c103198
Ogilvic and White, carpenter's work3106
Cash of Mrs C. Dry, for lighting lamp in Charles-building, from Christmas, 1861, to Christmas, 1862•••3100Aldred, bricklayer's work1181
Churchwardens' and Overseers' Loan90000
Cash costs of summonses returned•••100„ expenses incurred on 7th March, 18634500
,, do. do.•••060Mr. A P. Howell, moiety fur preparing plan of New-street from Coventry-street3120
„ of Messrs. Harrison and Sons, amount overpaid•••320
Cash of Mr. Evered, by surveyor, for paving gateway ,n Charles-street•••264Mr. Emery, poundage on collecting Rates3916
Brown, ,, „29182
Kendall. „3716
Mr. Hofman, broker's fees for Rates collected under warrant...1063
Labourers' wages187106
Brooms for sweepers3300
Blouses for 22 ditto610
Petty disbursements1880
GENERAL EXPENSES, To be divided between General Rate and Sewer Rate, in the proportion of two-thirds and one-third.
Mr. Chappell, cocoa-nut matting140
Messrs. Gardner, candles for use of vestry5198
Harrison and Sons, printing, stamps, and stationary9628
Mr. Hulbert, clothes for inspector and messenger15160
Holbrook, hats do. do600
Messrs. Pugh and Son, for coals660
Shaw and Son, copies of Metropolitan Management Act1540
Mr. Kendall, plumber's work. &c9132
carried forward11,54713Carried forward15556