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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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Report on the Health of the Parish of St. Martin-in-th
Fields, for the Quarter ending March 29, 1862.
The mortality of the quarter amounted to 162, tl
same number exactly as the corresponding quarter
1861. From epidemic diseases this year, there ha
been 21 deaths, last year 15; from consumption, th
year 27, last year 12 ; from other diseases of the lung
this year 20 deaths, last year 50 in the same perio
showing how large is the influence of great cold on th
class of diseases. From brain diseases there have bee
21 deaths; from those of the heart 13; from those
the digestive organs 13; from old age 12. Fifty-on
of the deaths were in children under5 ; this is a low
proportion than usual, also to be attributed to the mile
ness of the winter. Thirty-four deaths occurred in pe
sons over 60 years of age, and 77 at the intermediat
ages of the more active periods of life. The most fat
of the epidemics has been scarlatina, from which caus
there have been 9 deaths. Typhus fever, althoug
generally prevalent in the Metropolis, has only bee
fatal in 6 cases in our parish during the quarter.
The amount of sickness during the quarter, both
the workhouse and among the out-door poor, is show
in 169 new cases of disease; of this number 64 wer
cases of age and debility, 70 were cases of bronchiti
and catarrh, 17 cases of fever, 16 cases of rheumatism
and 16 cases of scarlatina. Of smallpox or measles no
a single case.
I have continued my periodical examinations of th
gas supplied by the Equitable Company. During th
month of January, the average illuminating power o
an Argand burner, consuming 5 cubic feet per hour
was found to be 11.5. During the month of Februar;
it was equal to 11.65 sperm candles. In the month o
March it was 12.9. So that the average for the three
months was rather more than an equivalent light o


In the Year1862.—Population,11,618.

Total Deaths in 1862.Deaths of Children under 5 year, 1862.Deaths from Epidermic Diseases, 1862
???ar street42...
???stlre-street, Leicester-squrere1374
???stle-street Long acre22...
???aries-street, Ling acre2......
???oss- court631
???op gardens2......
???ams-street Long acre.........
???ew-steet, St. Martin's-lane733
???ipemaker's-alley (no death since 1856).........
???usell-court & Red Lion-court.........
???usell-street (Little)964
???t Martin's-court.........
???t. Martin's-lane3......