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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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subject, and subsequently Mr. G. Balfour, M.P., and the
Company's Solicitor called upon the Vestry Clerk to explain
matters and suggested a compromise. Their explanation
amounted to a statement that the Directors were not
aware of the arrangement made with the previous manager
of the Company in 1890, and they suggested as a compromise
that the £7,000 should be adopted as a rateable
value without appeal on either side. Having regard to the
cost which an appeal to the Sessions and possibly to the
House of Lords would involve, and to the small result which it
would effect if the Vestry succeeded, as rates on the increased
assessment would only be paid to the time of the next
quinquennial valuation, the Vestry did not deem it
desirable to appeal against the decision of the Assessment
Committee. The Vestry, however, informed the Company
that they greatly regretted the course which the Company
had adopted with regard to the re-assessment of their
undertaking, but that, as the difference in amount would
work itself out ou the next Quinquennial Valuation List,
the Vestry did not propose to appeal, although the only
settlement which they could regard as entirely satisfactory
would be the assessment of the undertaking at its proper
value. It was eventually agreed that the undertaking of
the Company should be re-assessed as soon as the accounts
for the year 1893 were completed.
As mentioned in the last Aunual Report, the Vestry, upon
the invitation of the London County Council, deputed Mr.
Winnett, the Chairman of the Valuation Committee, and the
Vestry Clerk, to represent them at the Conference convened
by the Council with a view to securing uniformity of assessment
in London. The meetings of the Conference extended
over the whole year, the first meeting being held on
March 13th, 1893, and the final meeting on March 12th,

The following is a statement of the funds paid to Metropolitan and County Authorities from the rates of this Parish during each of the three preceding years

Metropolitan Asylums District7,2451307,80318111,586140
Central London Sick Asylum2,960003,117003,34200
Metropolitan Common Poor Fund12,4040410,2605911,70000
London County Council
School Board Rate31,6141033,4729831,82456
£108,671010£106,53334 J£113,231196
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