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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Of the Milk samples, 5 were adulterated with water
and the vendors prosecuted and fined (see Table); and 5
were found very poor, the vendors of these were warned
by letter from the Vestry Clerk.
Of the Vinegar samples, 4 contained less than 4 per
cent. of real Acetic Acid (C2H402); their vendors were
warned that these Vinegars were too weak. No. 57 was
certified as containing 22 per cent. of added water; the
vendor was prosecuted, but acquitted. The accuracy of the
analysis made in St. James's was fully admitted, but the
defence turned upon what standard should be taken
for vinegar. The magistrate decided that the weakest
vinegar might possibly contain only 3 per cent. of Acetic
Acid, and the defendant was thereupon acquitted.
In vinegar No. 74, free Sulphuric Acid (.1275 per cent.)
was found. In my opinion, the addition of Sulphuric Acid
to Vinegar is a fraudulent and injurious act, but, owing to
the uncertain state of the law, and the fact that the old
Vinegar Act allowed for excise purposes one thousandth
part by weight of Oil of Vitriol to exist in vinegar, I did
not advise a prosecution. The vendor of this vinegar was
warned. The question of prosecuting will be reconsidered
in the event of free Sulphuric Acid being again found in
Upon the Law relating to the Sale of Vinegar containing
Sulphuric Acid, the following report was made to the
Sanitary Committee by Harry Wilkins, Esquire, Barristerat-Law,
Clerk to the Vestry of St. James.
"Apart altogether from statute law, a purchaser has a right
to obtain the article for which he pays the price. If any article
of food, or used in the preparation of food, is sold in such a

Table V. — Underground Room or Cellars cleared of Occupants, under the 103rd Section of the Act 13 and 19 Victoria, cap 120, up to end of year, 1893.

4 Archer street7 Green's court9 Marshall street
5 do.3 Heddon court10 do.
7 Bentinck street6 do.11 do.
10 do.7 do.25 do.
14 do.8 do.29 do.
16 Berwick street10 Heddon street44 do.
18 do.1 Hopkin street, front47 do.
26 do.9 do. two2 Noel street
28 do.rooms5 do.
29 do.10 Hopkin street13 do. front room
30 do.11 do.
36 do.1 Kemp's court11 Peter street
39 do.2 do.20 do. two rooms
43 do.3 do.21 do.
45 do.4 do.22 do.
49 do.7 King street, Regent street26 do.
50 do.4 Portland street
56 do.8 do.7 do.
58 do.20 do. two rooms11 do.
66A do.21 do.15 do.
89 do.26 do.19 do.
95 do.66 do.31 do.
50 Brewer street12 Lexington street1 4 poland street
4 Broad street14 do.21 do.
16 do.
12 do22 do.
13A do 13A18 do.58 do.
31 do.22 do.11 Rupert street
52 do. two rooms27 do.31 do.
4 Carnaby street28 do.49 do.
6 do.30 do2 Rupert street, Upper
17 do. two rooms31 do.7 do. do.
18 do. do.32 do.2 Silver place. two rooms
27 do. do.32 do.
30 do.33 do.1 Smith's court
1 Dufour's place44 do. back2 do.
3 do. back47 do.3 do.
9 do.2 Lowndes court7 Sherwood street
3 Edward street1 Marlborough row, two rooms16 do.
21 Windmill street, Great
24 Foubert'a place. one room2 do. do.18 do. do.
3 do. do.30 do. do.
1 Ganton street4 do. do.32 do. do.
2 do.5 do. do.41 do. front
3 do.6 do. do.6 West street
5 do.7 do. do.12 do.
17 do.9 do. do.14 do.
19 do.10 do. do.15 do.
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