London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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236Nov. 14Throat Hospital, Golden squareMale5 yearsScarlet FeverHaverstock Hill Hospital
2371352, Berwick streetFemale28 yearsPuerperal FeverNot removedWife of a Porter...Died
2381711, Wardour streetDo.11 yearsScarletDo....Eating-House
2391895, Wardour streetFemale7 yearsFever Do.FulhamScholarKeeper Tailoress
2401810, Vigo streetMale28 yearsTyphoid FeverHospital Not removedMusic Teacher
2413136, Broad streetDo.5 yearsScarlet FeverFulham Hospital...Wheelwright
24a212. Gt. Marlborough streetFemale42 yearsErysipelasNot removedCaretaker
2432270, St. James Rest, dences, Little Pulteney streetMale14 yearsEnteric FeverFrench Hospital Shaftesbury AvenuePipe MakerPipe Maker
2442263, St. James streetMale19 yearsErysipelasDo.Kitchen Porter
243229, Marshall street, (Back Cottage)Do.4 yearsScarlet FeverTooting HospitalScholarPolisher
2462336, PiccadillyDo.29 yearsEnteric FeverFrench Hospital Shaftesbury AvenueConfectioner...Died
247248, Upper Rupert streetFemale2 yearsDiphtheriaNot removed...Tin plate WorkerDied
2482841, Brewer streetDo.8 yearsScarlet FeverDo.ScholarClub Manager
249Dec. 4161, Wardour streetDo,60 yearsErysipelas 1Middlesex Hospital
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WILLIAM HILL WATSON, Chief Sanitary Inspector

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