London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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125291, William St Mary yardFemale50 yearsSmallpoxHospital Ship. Long Reach...
1263010, Greeu's courtMale30 yearsSmallpoxHospital Ship. Long ReachTailor
127July 123, Peter streetFemale30 yearsSmallpoxHospital Ship. Long ReachWife of a Police Sergeant
12832, Green's courtFemale51 yearsSmallpoxHospital Ship. Long ReachCharwoman
12949, St. James streetMale34 yearsEnteric FeverNot removedGentleman
130516, Lexington streetMale3 yearsDiphtheriaHaver-stock Hill Hospital...LabourerDied
131612a, West streetFemale6 yearsScarlet FeverStockwell HospitalScholarTailor
13a729, Lexington streetFemale25 yearsSmallpoxHospital Ship. Long ReachLaundress
1331154, Beak streetFemale13 yearsScarlet FeverLondon Fever HospitalScholarManager at Coffee House
1341220, Cork streetFemale27 yearsScarlet FeverNot removedIndependent Lady
133338. Golden squareMale10 yearsScarlet FeverNot removedScholarUpholsterer
1361448, Carnaby streetFemale29 yearsSmallpoxHospital ShipsWife of Bootmaker
371893, Wardour streetFemale8 yearsErysipelasNot removedScholarOilman
1381939, Jennyn streetFemale14 yearsDiphtheriaHaver-stock Hill Hospital...Lodging House KeeperDied
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