London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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69June 611, Bentinck streetMale13 yearsSmall PoxHospital Ship. Long ReachScholarStreet Sweeper
762 Rupert streetFemale19 yearsPuerperal FeverNot removedWife of a Waiter...Died June 7th. 1893
7611, Walker's courtFemale44 yearsSmall PoxHospital Ship. Long ReachShop Assistant
72748, Rupert streetFemale9 yearsScarlet FeverNot removedGlass Cutter
73726, Glasshouse streetFemale20 yearsDiphtheriaDo.School Teacher
7488, Berwick streetMale21 yearsScarlet FeverHaverstock Hill Hospital...Coal Dealer
758178, Regent streetFemale14 yearsSmall PoxHospital Ship, Long ReachNilCaretaker
76912, St. Peter's buildingsMale2½ yearsDo.Do....Tailor
771218, Elkington streetFemale6 monthsScarlet FeverNot removedMusician
78121. Great Pulteney streetFemale4 yearsSmall PoxHospital Ship. Long Reach...Tailor
791219, Little Pulteney streetMale20 yearsDo.Do.Barman
80132, Walker's courtFemale25 yearsDo.Do.Wife of Boot Salesman
811323A, Peter StreetMale39 yearsDo.Do.Tailor
821315, St. Peter's buildingsMale5 yearsDo.Do.ScholarShoemaker
83131, William & Mary yardFemale23 yearsDo.Do.Wife of a Shoe Maker
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