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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Benefactor.OBJECT.By whom Administered.Annual IncomeSOURCE OF INCOME.
12Atkinson Morley. 1850.To be divided yearly, in equal shares and proportions, between 10 Widows of Tradesmen. who at their respective deaths were Parishioners of the Parish, and had been respectively rated to the poor at not less than £20 per annum.The Rector for the time being; the Trustees of the Will; and Six Inhabitants of the Parish.£s.d.£2.746 19s. 2d. Consols. The amount of the legacy was £3,000; it was reduced by payment of duty to £2,700.
13 iJames Payler. 1853.To be divided equally between 20 poor deserving Persons resident in the Parish.The Rector and Churchwardens for the time being.27198£1,017 16s. 2d. Consols.
14Charles Smith. 1869.To be divided annually at Christmas amongst the Poor of the Parish.Rector for the time being.2130£96 15s. 3d. Consols.
15William Blanchard. 1892.For the Poor at the discretion of the Rector and Churchwardens.Rector and Churchwardens.1430£514 15s. l1d. Consols.
16St. James' Scholarship Fund.To be divided equally between the Tenison and Burlington Schools.Rector and Churchwardens.2808£1,045 15s. 0d. Consols. Part of the purchase money of St. James's Chapel and Burial Ground Hampstead Road, sold under a special Act of 1869.
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I beg to report that I have duly audited the statement of Receipts and
Expenditure for the year ended December 31st last, and find the same to be correct.
263, Strand, G. A. PETTER.
\lth January, 1894.
The above Statement in Abstract of Receipts and Expenditure having been
examined aud approved by the Finance anil Visiting Joint Committee is hereby
passed in accordance with Clause 27 of the Scheme.
Frkdk. Fitzroy, \V. Winn ktt, Thos. P. Baptik, ]
Ciiar lies lion lis, Jas. M. Andrew, Jas. Bromwich, - Truittt.
R C. Gamble, Thos. F. Blackwrll Joun Child,
Town Hall, Ciiarino Cross, W.C., ISM January, 1S94.

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