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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Benefactor.OBJECT.By whom Administered.Annual IncomeSOURCE OF INCOME.
8Ann Broder. Bishop Porteus. Dean Andrews.For the relief of Poor Housekeepers and others.Rector for the time being.£s.d.£774 l1s. Consols.
9Samuel Jackson, 1823,To pay 1s. a piece to 20 Poor Men and 20 Poor Women in the workhouse, who shall have lived most respectably in the world, and shall constantly attend Divine worship at the Chapel in the Infirmary, or who shall give good cause for nou-attendauce. The amount was last reduced to 9d. in consequence of au alteration in the Stock.Rector, Churchwardens, and Overseers for the time being. Distributed weekly, after Chapel Service on Sunday Morning, by the Master of the Workhouse.71100£2,600 Consols.
The original trust becoming inapplicable on the formation of the Westminster Union, the income arising from this bequest was, by a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners, dated 28th September, 1881, directed to be applied by the Trustees in contributing to the funds of any Convalescent Hospital for the reception, treatment, aud maintenance of deserving poor persons of either sex, who shall have partially recovered from, but shall be still incapacitated to some extent by the effects of accident, injury, or sickness, with the object of promoting their complete restoration to health.By same Trustees. (Applications for letters of ad-missien to be made any week-day morning to Mr. Redman, at the Parish Church Vestry)Now standing in the names of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds.
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