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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Benefactor.OBJECT.By whom Administered.Annual IncomeSOURCE OF INCOME.
2Burlington School, Boyle Street, Founded 1699.To provide for and advance the education of Girls.Five nominated, and Seven co-optative Governors, viz :£s.d.
460168£12,698 9s. 2d. Consols. £903 17s. 4d. India£3½pr.cents. Rent of house, No. 15,Berwick Street £80 per annum.
approximate, and fees from Pupils.
(Administered under a Scheme of the Endowed Schools Commissioners, dated 12th February, 1876.)Nominated— Rev. J.E. Kempe. Rev. Harry Jones, Mr. Pool, Mr. Bingham and Mr. Mortimer.
Co-optative— Rev. D. Anderson, Mr. A. B. Kempe, Mr. Newbatt, Mr. G. R. Hemmerde, Mr. William H. Ash, Mr. J. G. Bennett, and Mr. Jas. G. Noel, C.B.About £6,000 was expended in alterations to the schools in they ear 1876; this sum was realised by the sale of funded property to that amount, the funded endowment in 1876 being £18,819 9s. l1d. Consols.
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