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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Statement of Accounts for the Year ending December 31st,1893.

To Balance at Banker's on Deposit Account, January. 189320000By Masters' Salaries1,027152
„ Books and Apparatus10644
„ „ at Banker's on Current Account, January, 189321172„ Prizes1300
„ Printing181911
„ Petty Cash in hand, January, 1893193„ Stamps and Advertisements13178
22365„ Examiner's Fee17156
„ One-fourth Net Income of Tensions' Chapel14218„ Fuel860
„ One Year's Rent of Cellars48130„ Rates and Taxes47162
„ One Year's Rent of Second Floor4000„ Caretaker's Wages59160
230148„ Tradesmen's Bills (School)36100
„ One Year's Dividend on Stock26184„ Donation to Boys' Library500
„ One Year's Dividend on Stock (Building)36134„ Donation to Boys' Athletic Sports500
One Year's on Stock (St. James's Scholarship Fund)1402„ Donation to Boys' Cricket and Swimming Clubs400
771110„ Sundries022
„ One Year's Interest on Deposit Account11641,395145
1164„ Tradesmen's Bills (Building)5107
„ School Fees-„ Surveyor's Fee110
First Term373265217
Second Term35766„ Balance at Banker's on Deposit Account10000
Third Term33140
1,061130Balance at Banker's on Current Account441411
„ Petty Cash in Hand2114
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