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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Statement of Account of the Guardians of the Poor for the Year ended Lady-day, 1894.

To balance in hands of Treasurer at commencement of year5,35537By Maintenance of Paupers, Workhouse, and Schools, Cost of Provisions, Clothing, Necessaries, Furniture, Building Repairs, and Establishment Charges18,594198
„ Parish of St. James—
From Poor Rates for General Purposes45,223134
Ditto County Rates40,35908
„ Pariah of St. Anne—„ Maintenance of Lunatics in Asylums3,94893
From Poor Rates for General Purposes9,03668„ Relief to Out-door Paupers1,06373
Ditto County Rates7,83256„ Salaries, Superannuations, and Rations4,988179
„ Receipts from other sources—„ Instalment of Workhouse Loan and Interest1,33445
Proceeds from Sale of Firewood208111„ County and General Purposes Rates48,19162
From Relatives and Friends of Paupers, on account of Maintenance in Workhouse52789„ Contributions to Central London Sick Asylum District5,01800
*Dividends on Consols167„ Contributions to Metropolitan Asylums District14,306103
H.M. Treasury—Parliamentary Grant in aid of Salaries and Maintenance of Lunatics in Asylums, etc.7,081114„ Contribution to Metropolitan Common Poor Fund14,96816
„ Balance in favour of the Guardians at end of Year5,228190From other Unions and Parishes, for the Maintenance of Paupers in the Workhouse1,65352
Sundry other receipts4127
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Date.Amount.Period.Rate of Interest.Amount of fixed Annual Instalment. Principal and Interest combined.Principal now outstanding.Future payments in respect of Interest.
May 5th. 187121,73330 years4½ per cent1,334468,800701,87384
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