London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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1894. 25th March. LIABILITIES£s.d.1894. 25th March. ASSETS.£s.d.
Brought forward1,79065Brought forward17,15157
Robert Kerr, District Surveyor, Fees900
Knights, Sons & Co., Wood Paving Blocks96010
Knowles & Co., Newsagents0196
John W. Lyon, Repairs to Disinfector1000
Walter Marfarlane & Co., Drinking Fountain456
Wm. Mead & Co., Contractors for Slopping, Dusting and Street Watering1,99812
John Mowlem & Co., York Granite, &c.1871810
H. A. Martin & Son, Bookbinders2153
New River Company, Water Supply to Urinal0186
J. H. Padgett, Clock for 6, Dufour's Place200
E. Palmer, Furniture for do.7170
F. A. Penney, Draper, &c.2159
Pfeil, Stedall & Son, Ironmongers1636
Reynell & Son, Advertising1299
George Rutter, Blinds, &c. for 6, Dufour's Place6120
John R. Shardlow, Oilman10186
James Stiff & Sons, Drainpipes, &c.630
F. Smith & Co., Machine Brooms, &c20170
C. J. Smith, Blacksmith471110
R. & J. Shiers, Builders, &c.621510
Samuel Brothers, Sweeper's Overcoat01410
Sanitary Advertising Co., Paper for Lavatories5126
St. James's Public Baths, &c. (Commissioners) Washing Towels and Blouses8183
J. H. Shorman k Son, Stationers950
J. W. Wakeham, Printers3333
Warner & Co., Law Stationers166
Matthew Merris, Horse Hire2100
School Board for London, Instalment of Precept7,77464
Carried forward£12,1501610Carried forward£17,15157
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