London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Twenty-four new connections from houses have been made tothe
sewers by men in the employ of your Yestry.
Sixty-five small sewers have been flushed, as became necessary,
by the Yestry's workmen, the cost of the water for the same being
£18 4s.
It being thought requisite to have another urinal in or near
Regent Street, a site was selected in Heddon Street, and plans
were prepared and passed by the Vestry, and instructions given for
the erection of a circular ornamental iron urinal, but owing to the
great opposition of the inhabitants of Heddon Street, the work was
not commenced.
In consequence of the Grand Junction Waterworks Company
having given a constant supply of water to some of the streets in
the parish, an alteration has been made to the flushing apparatus at
several of the urinals so as to keep water constantly running.

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Name of Street.Part of Street Paved.Date when paved.Area of Wood Paving in yards super.Cost per yard super.Credit for old Pitching per yard super.Description of Paving and Name of Contractor.
St. James's StreetPark Place to Pall MallSeptember3,531⅓6/93/66in. yellow deal blocks on old concrete, grouted in Portland cement Messrs. J. Mowlem & Co.
St. James's PlaceSt. James's Street to SquareSeptember547/98/3-Same as above, but on 6in. of Portland cement concrete. Messrs. J. Mowlem & Co.
Wardour StreetCoventryStreet to Peter StreetCommenced 24th March---Same as St. James's Place. Messrs. Muldoon Bros.

Laid in the Parish in previous years have been carried out as occasion required, and amount to—

Air Street10134
Argyll Street21190
Charles Street140
Coventry Street254
Little St. James's Street2230
Little Pulteney Street168
Pall Mall1,161147
Regent Street364111