London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Has been formed in St. James's Street by King Street, at a cost of
(including Bray's lamp and painting) £31 17s. 3d.
The sum of £6 9s. 9d. has been expended in purchasing and
fixing street name-plates; the greater portion being for altering
Silver Street to Beak Street, in accordance with the order of the
Metropolitan Board of Works.
Six new lamps have been erected during the past year, viz.:
1 in Beak Street at the corner of Great Pulteney Street.
1 in Heddon Street.
2 in Little Pulteney Street.
1 (Bray's Lamp) on new Refuge, St. James's Street.
1 at Urinal, Coach & Horses Yard.
Fourteen lamps have been discontinued lighting, viz.:
1 in Piccadilly, at the corner of Great Windmill Street.
1 in Piccadilly, at the corner of the Haymarket.
2 in St. James's Street by new Refuge.
1 in Bidgood's Yard, Heddon Street.
2 in Rupert Street.
1 in Great Windmill Street.
1 in Queen's Head Court.
1 in Little Pulteney Street.
3 in Great Crown Court.
1 in Jermvn Street (temporary).
One lamp by Messrs. Pickford & Co.'s premises in Berwick
Street, has been altered to burn five feet of gas per hour instead of
three feet as previously.
The cost of repairing the large Refuge Lamps has been very
great. They are fifteen in number, and have been broken, on the

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Brought forward59307
Duke Street6326
Foubert's Place0122
George Street32151
Golden Square114111
Green's Court084
Ham Yard0310
Hill's Place1188
Hopkins Street0310
Jermyn Street218151
John Street (Upper)14123
King Street (Regent Street)3811
King Street (St. James's Square)7904
Marlborough Street (Great)935
Marlborough Street (Little)1160
Marlborough Row040
Marshall Street2183
Mason's Yard0154
Noel Street1111½
Norris Street0145
Pall Mall16116
Piccadilly1471410 ½
Piccadilly Circus536
Pulteney Street (Great)2164
Pulteney Street (Little)1168
Poland Street13948
Regent Street13665
Regent Place4104
Rupert Street49191
Ryder Street1130
Sackville Street498
Savile Row3917
Smith's Court8136
St. Alban's Place1097
St. James's Place341
St. James's Street184911
St. James's Street (Little)1714
St. James's Square3311710½
Swallow Street315
Tichborne Street28310
Vigo Street588
Walker's Court549'
Wardour Street2981
Warwick Street2177
Windmill Street (Great)11111