London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The cost incurred by the vestry for the year, in respect of the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts, is as follows:-

Allowance to Analst7500
Purchase of sample, &c. 15
Fine recovered1550
Net cost to the Parish£610H

With a view to remedying several complaints of nuisances being
committed in Heddon Street, the Vestry caused plans to be
prepared for the erection of an ornamental public urinal in
resolution was passed thereon expressing concurrence with this
protest; subsequently, upon the invitation of the Plumstead
District Board of Works, the Vestry appointed three delegates to
attend a conference of Metropolitan Local Authorities, to enquire
into the causes of continuous increase in the amount of the School
Board's precepts. At this conference a further memorial to the
Education Department was prepared, pointing out certain respects
in which the expenditure of the Board might be curtailed without
impeding the important work of popular elementary education.
The Vestry have contributed £10 towards the expenses of the
Association which has been formed for limiting the expenditure of
the School Board.
In connection with this subject, it may be interesting to note
that the School Board require payment of no less than £127,648
from the various rating authorities of Westminster for the year
1884-5, while there are but seven Board schools in the whole
division, affording accommodation for 4,191 children, with an
average attendance of 3,681; the amount of the precepts being at the
rate of £34 13s. 6d. per head for every child in average attendance.
A statement of the amount called for by the Board annually
during the past ten years, is given on page 35.