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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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"Schedule A," or the Local Authority having the control and management
of the public street lamps, may require the Company to
lay down distributing mains, but before acceding to a request by
private consumers, the Company may demand a guaranteed income
for three years equivalent to twenty per centum per annum upon
the expense of providing and laying down the mains, or in the case
of a requisition by the Local Authority, the Company must provide
and lay the mains upon the Authority entering into an agreement
to take electricity for the public lamps in the street in which the
mains are to be laid for a period of three years at the least.
In the district described as "Schedule B," the Company are under
no obligations until it has been added to "Schedule A" by order or
the Board of Trade, and are then only compelled (unless otherwise
required by such Order), to lay mains on a similar requisition
and guarantee as provided for in the case of other than specified
streets in "Schedule A." If the Company refuse or fail to comply
with the requirements of the Order or of a requisition made thereunder,
they are liable to a pecuniary penalty or the revocation of the
Order in whole or in part.
To secure the carrying of the Order into effect so far as relates to
the "specified streets," the Company are required to deposit or
secure to the satisfaction of the Board of Trade, the sum of
£20,000, to be released by the Board as the works proceed. Upon
the application of the Vestry, who were represented by the Vestry
Clerk, at a local enquiry before the Board of Trade,—the Chairman
(Mr. Burgess) and one or two members of the Lighting Committee
being also present,—the Board directed this sum to be held to be
deposited rateably in respect of the parishes and district covered by
the Order, according to the proportionate length of the streets
specified in "Schedule A" to the Order.
While the Draft Order of the Edison Company was still under
consideration by the Board of Trade, an application was received
from the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company for
consent to apply for a license to supply electricity in a portion of
the Parish, but as the arrangements with the Edison Company for
supplying electricity throughout the Parish had already made much

The following statement will perhaps show the extent of this reduction more clearly:—

Consumption per hour.Cannel Gas @ 3/11 per 1,000 feet. Annual Charge per lamp. (Old Price.)Cannel Gas. @ 3/4 per 1,000 feet. Annual Charge per lamp. (Reduced Price.)Difference per lamp per annum.
2½ feet. 4 feet. 5 feet.£3 4 50 5 21 4 2£2 3 413 15 910 4 86/3 less. 10/- less. 12/6 less.
Common Gas. @ 3/2 per 1,000 feet.Common Gas. @ 2/8 per 1,000 feet.
3 feet.£301213106/3 less.