London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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A staff of road sweepers, averaging about 24 in number, has
been regularly employed by the Vestry, at a total cost for the year
of £1,353 lis. 2d. The refuse collected by the sweepers is removed
under contract, at a fixed sum, the contractor providing his own
horses, carts, shoot, &c. House dust and refuse is also removed
and the carriageways watered under the contract system. The
whole of the work has been satisfactorily carried out during the
past year, at a cost of £5,498 16s. 8^., particulars of which are
given on page 104, Appendix B.
The Vestry have exercised their option of terminating their
contract with Mr. Mead, and have accepted the tender of Mr.
H. Covington to remove the whole of the sloj^ dust, and other
refuse from the Parish, for the sum of £3,200 per annum, being
£800 per annum less than the contract just terminated. The terms
of the street watering contract have also been revised, and the
tender of Mr. Mead has been accepted.
The total number of loads of street refuse reported to have been
removed during the year was 10,339, as compared with 8,697 for
the preceding twelve months.
In view of the expiration of the contracts for paviors' and
masons' work, and the supply of materials at Lady-day, the
Vestry have accepted the tender of Mr. H. Covington for the
supply of hoggin and ballast, and of Messrs. John Mowlem & Co.
fur paviors' and masons' work. Each contract is taken for a period
of three years terminable at the end of the first or second year at
the option of the Vestry.
On the 25th March, 1883, there were 753 public lamps in the
various thoroughfares of the Parish, 734 of which were ordinary
street lamps (585 burning cannel gas, and 149 burning common gas),
4 were urinal lamps, and 15 were larger lamps attached to refuges.

Total amount expended, £119,704 18s. 3d.

Under control of Local Authority.Not under control of Local Authority.
Poor Rate:—£s.d.Poor Rate:—£s.d.
Expended by Guardians of the Poor in relief, &c20,22714Metropolitan
Asylums District8,714107
Central London Sick Asylum3,24200
Registration of Voters, Printing, Cost of Collection9021211
Metropolitan Common Poor Fund6,89129
General and SewersPolice14,14548
Rates:-County & Lunatic Asylums Rates4,18922
Paving, Scavenging, Cleansing, &c., Local Sewers, and Administration Expenses24,73537
General Rate :—
Expenses of School Board19,0741410
Metropolitan Con
solidated Rate :—
Expenses of Metropolitan Board of Works17,58355