London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Table II.—Cases of Fever, Small Pox, and Diphtheria, coming under the notice of the Sanitary Inspector during the year1883.

Date.Name.Address.No. of Case.Sex.Age.Disease.Supposed Cause.If removed.To where.Result.Remarks.
Jan. 11Frederick Cartwright35, Great Pulteney street1Male16 yearsScarlet FeverUnknownNot removedRecoveredA private case
Mar. 15Francis Ernest Copeland11, New Burlington street2Male3 yearsScarlet FeverUnknownNot removed...RecoveredA private case
15Biddy Norris13, Park place3Female19 yearsTyphoid FeverUnknownRemovedSt George's HospitalDeath
16Mary Walden55, Jermyn street4Female23 yearsTyphoid FeverUnknownRemovedSt George's HospitalRecovered
19William Henry Spring40, St. James's street5Male29 yearsTyphoid FeverUnknownRemovedIslington HospitalDeath
24Mary Collier88, St. James's street6Female20 yearsScarlet FeverUnknownRemovedStockwell HospitalRecovered
April 2Amy Higginbottom2, Cooper's Court7Female4½ yearsScarlet FeverUnknownNot removed...Death
4Edith Rouse3, King's Arms Yard8Female5 yearsTyphoid FeverUnknownNot removed...Recovered
7Emanuel Prenitti3, St. James's place9Male24 yearsTyphoid FeverImported from ItalyRemovedIslington HospitalRecovered
16Kate Beaton4, York street10Female19 yearsScarlet FeverUnknownNot removed...RecoveredA private case
21Charles Price67, St. James's street11Male5 yearsScarlet FeverTaken at schoolRemovedIslington HospitalRecoveredA private case
May 2John Jones3, Upper John street12Male22 yearsSmall poxUnknownRemovedDeptford HospitalRecovered
28Mary Madeline Rushstone12, Tichborne street13Female40 yearsTyphoid FeverUnknownNot removed...DeathA private case
28Edith Hunt259, Oxford street14Female16 yearsScarlet FeverImported fr HertfordRemovedIslington HospitalRecoveredA private case
29William Kingshott9, Pall Mall15Male18 yearsScarlet FeverUnknownRemovedIslington HospitalRecoveredA private case