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St James's 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Date of Contracts.Name of Company or Party with whom Contract was made.Nature of Works to be performed or Materials to be used or supplied.Amount or Price.
13th July, 1883Messrs. Dicksee, 7, Crown Court, Pall Mall, S.W.Cleaning, painting, repairing, and altering the Vestry Hall and Offices, internally and externally.£250. Contract annulled and work performed under new specification (Resolution of House Committee, 21st Aug., 1883), for £464, viz:—Work under former specification, £24, new works, £440.
16th August, 1883Society Francaise des Asphaltes, 27, Corn-hill, E.C.Asphalting the Carriageways of Beak Street, Silver Street, and Smith's Court, and for the removal and purchase of pitching stones£149 for pitching stones. 10/9 per yard.
28th August, 1883John Mowlem & Co., Grosvenor Wharf, Millbank, S.W.For laying Wood Pavement in St. James's Street, and a portion of St. James's Place, and for the removal and purchase of Pitching Stones in St. James's Street.6/9 per yard, St. James's Street. 8/3 „ St. James's Place. 3/6 „ for pitching stones removed.
4th August, 1883White and Sons, 207, Oxford StreetTo repair Bells in the Vestry Hall and Offices, and re-lacquer levers thereof where necessary£4 4s.
4th October, 1883Gregory and Co., Regent StreetTo clean and repair Furniture in Vestry Hall and Offices '£67 0s. 6d.

Washers, 48,832 Number of Hours, 226,292 Total Receipts, £1,942 3s. 6d.
First Class (Men), 22,501 ; Women, 4,758 Total, 27,259
Second „ „ 44,093 ; „ 15,078 „ 59,171
Swimming Bath (both Classes) 22,381
Total 108,811
Total Money Receipts from both Classes and Sexes, £1,409 6s. 5d.
June, 1884. HENRY DOLBY, Cleric to the Commissioners.