London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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St. James's, Wstminister.
A Statement of the Debts and Liabilities owing by the Vestry,
on the 25th day of March, 1876.
£ s. d.
A sum of £1,504 14s. 2d. remaining due to the Trustees of
the County Fire Office, with Interest thereon at 4 per
cent. from 14th January, 1856, in respect of a Deed of
Assignment executed by the late Board of Commissioners
for Paving and Improving this Parish, on the 14th July,
1852, of the Rates under their jurisdiction, in consideration
of a Loan of £3,300 made then by the said Trustees
to the said Commissioners for the purposes of the Act 14
and 15 Vic., cap. 95,—vide sees. 18, 19, and 21 1,504 14 2
A sum of £1,400 borrowed by the Trustees of Golden Square
upon the security of the Rates raised under their Local
Act, with Interest at 5 per cent. paid by the Trustees to
the Bondholders from the 1st January, 1856, to the 16th
July, 1863, and continued Interest to the Bondholders
from the 16th December, 1864. The payment of such
Debt and Interest being transferred to the Vestry by the
180th section of the Metropolis Local Management Act,
1855 1,400 0 0
A sum of £1,800 remaining due to the Trustees of the London
Life Association, with Interest thereon at 5 per cent. per
annum, in respect of a Mortgage of the Sewers and
General Rates made by the Vestry on the 25th July,
1861, in consideration of a Loan of £6,000 for the
erection of the Vestry Hall in Piccadilly 1,800 0 0

An Account of all Contracts entered into or continued by the Vestry during the Year ending the 25th March, 1876.

Date of Contract.Name of Company or Party with whom Contract was made.Nature of Works to be performed or Materials to be used or supplied.Amount or Price.
25th March, 1874,EDMUND REDDIN,Removal of Dust from the whole of the ParishAt £ 1,345 per annum.
25th March, 1874,WILLIAM MEAD,Cleansing the whole of the ParishAt £3,750 per annum.
30th June, 1874,JOHN NEAVE & SON,General Works and Repairs to SewersAt the various prices affixed to the items in the Schedule to the Contract.
1st January, 1874,GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANYLighting the Public Lamps of the ParishAt £3 6s. 1d. per Lamp per annum.
25th March, 1875,JOHN MOWLEM & CO.,Paviours and Masons Work, and for the supply of Granite and other Stones and Materials for Relaying and Repairing the Carriageways and Foot Paving in the ParishAt various prices as specified in the Contract.
25th March, 1875,WILLIAM MEAD,Street Watering throughout the ParishAt 12s. 6d. per day for each single Horse, Cart, and Man.