London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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RECEIPTS, (continued).PAYMENTS, (continued).
Brought forward35,233187Brought forward29,004128
Balance due to Treasurer on the 25th March, 18762,2041511Bricklayer, Painter, Carpenter, Smith, Gas fitter, Pump maker, Wheelwright, &c.3171111
Horse hire, for Carting materials, Sweeping and Scraping Machines, &c.15036
Rate Collectors Allowances??? 000
Fourteenth Annual Instalment in Repayment of Loan of £6,000, to the London Life Association, for Vestry Hall30000
One year's Interest at 5 per cent. on Balance of said Loan of £6,000, less Income Tax96139
Insurance of Plate Glass in Vestry Hall200
??? oal, Gas, "Water Rate, Cleansing, Painting, &c., Vestry Hall56186
??? aw and other Disbursements481010
Stamped Cheques2100
??? nterest at 5 per cent on Golden Square Debt, as paid to Bondholders, less Income Tax6984
??? nterest at 4 per cent. on £1,504 14.s. 2d, to County Fire Office, from 14th January, 1875, to 14th January, 1876, less Income Tax591310
??? ash advanced to Vestry Clerk for Payment of Wages, Law, and General Disbursements20000
mount of Precept for Expenses of School Board for London6,705910
mount of Precept for Expenses of Election of a Member to represent the Westminster Division of do.9102
??? t. Marylebone Vestry, for Oxford Street Management for 187427594
??? egistrars of Births and Deaths for one year's Weekly Returns, supplied to Medical Officer of Health900
??? terest on Overdrawn Account41110