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St James's 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Statement of Receipt and Expenditure of the Sewers, Metropolitan Consolidated and General Rates, and of other Moneys applicable to the purposes of the Metropolis Local Management Acts from the 25th day of June, 1875, to the 25th day of March, 1876.

Sewers, Metropolitan Consolidated and General Rates of the year, 1875, collected to the 25th March, 187632,721171Balance due to Treasurer at close of the Account for 1874-751,39560
Contractors (Mowlem & Co.) for Paving, Broken Guernsey, Lime, Sand, &c.2,478129
Sewers, Metropolitan Consolidated and General Hates, Arrears of years 1873 and 18747873
Improved Wood Pavement Co., laying down Wood Pavement in Argyll Street80500
Cash for Works done for Gas and Water Companies604143
Cash by Vestry Surveyor, for grant of Scaffold Licences, for Deposits on account of Pavements disturbed for Building and Drainage purposes, and for Paving Accounts, &c.23120Asphaltic Wood Pavement Co., laying down Wood Pavement in Little Pulteney Street516100
Val de Travers Asphalte Co., laying down Asphalte in Tyler Street12500
Cash by Trustees of Archbishop Tenison's Chapel, one year's Nominal Rent of Ground and Porches in King Street, to Midsummer, 1875030
Works Wages1,027111
Carting Slop2,812100
Cash, Income Tax Commissioners, for use of Vestry Hall, one year, to Michaelmas, 1875550Dust Removal976150
Sweepers Wages1,169178
Cash, Trustees of St. James's Chapel, Hampstead Road, repayment of amount advanced by Vestry towards obtaining Act of Parliament for Sale of said Chapel, &c.1,80000Disinfecting Wages5800
Coal, &c., for Disinfecting purposes6158
Gas Lighting1,908168
Street Watering, Carts, and Men730156
Water Supply37828
Hire of Bayley's Hydrostatic Watering Van, one year2000
Sewers Works and Wages, and Water for Flushing Sewers and Urinals1,237197
Mr. Blizard, Drainage Works at 30, King Street, Regent Street5130
Construction of Urinal in Wells Street19101
Metropolitan Board of Works, Metropolitan Consolidated Rate, Precept for year 187511,68162
Stationery, Books, and Printing14818
Carried forward£35,233187Carried forward£29,004128