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St James's 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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even anxious consideration given first by the Works
Committee, and afterwards, upon the recommendation
of the Committee, by the Vestry, and at any
rate valuable experience must be the result. The
abolition of the generally patent and unsightly
appearance of such structures is at least one point
gained, and there can be no doubt that they are far
more free from unpleasant odours than their predecessors,
which, considering the use that is made
of them, is a great step in itself.
Little further need be said with regard to the
routine business beyond the fact that it has all been
attended to. There must be and is a great deal of
it, but as the details of any interest are investigated
at every Meeting, and especially by the Works
Committee, in whom the Vestry justly place their
confidence, very little additional light would be
thrown upon the several matters by going further
into them here. The usual maintenance of roads
has been continued, all openings made good, guilies
cleansed, sewers cleansed, house drains connected,
and a very long list of miscellaneous matters
attended to, and generally all has been done that it
has been in the power of
Rev. Sir and Gentlemen,
Your humble, obedient, and grateful
Servant to do,