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St James's 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Street and the asphalte in Tyler Street: taking
them as they are there is no reason to regret that
the works were done. They are all proofs that the
preliminary time and care bestowed by the Works
Committee and the Vestry were judiciously expended,
and certainly the works were well and conscientiously
carried out by the various contractors who undertook
the same. It is but due to those several
gentlemen to record this statement—after twelve
months experience.
All works, such as paving works, that are carried
out upon the surface, and therefore open to the inspection
of the whole of the public, attract a great
amount of public attention and criticism, being in
fact a sort of public amusement gratis, for the time
being. Very different are the works executed in
connection with Sewerage and Drainage. The
heavy responsibilities and difficulties and superior
class of labour which are involved in connection
with sewers matters, and the actual doing the
work, are from necessity hidden from the general
observation of the public. While the work is
about, it is considered a nuisance, and when it is
completed it is forgotten. But the instant results
of any failure or hitch are so immediately felt by
the sufferers, that as a rule, however prompt the
measures may be to remedy the evil, great injury

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