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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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General Report of Works
IN THE YEAR 1866.67.


Statement of Receipt and Expenditure of the Sewers, Metropolis Main Drainage and General Rates, and of other Monies applicabeto the purposes of the Metropolis Local Management Acts, from the 1st day of June,1866, to the 25th day of March,1867.

Balance in Treasurer's hands at the close of the Account for 1865-6, on the 1st June, 18662,502310Contractor (Mowlem & Co.) far Paving, broken Guernsey, Lime, Sand,&c.c509159
Sewers, Metropolis Main Drainage, and General Rates of the year 1866, collected to the 25th March, 186728,88373Contractor( Browse) for Maintenance,&c.of Roadway in Regent St. Ditto, for Macadamizing portion of Piccadilly, from Burlington2,626500
Cash for Works done for Gas and Water Companies16496Arcade to St. James's Street22000
Cash by Vestry Surveyor, for grant of Scaffold Licences, and for Deposits on account of Pavements disturbed for Building and Drainage purposes126113Ditto, for Maintenance &c. of Roadway in Piccadilly and Coventry Street1,121134
Ditto, for Reinstating Trenches made by Gas and Water Companies21136
Cash by Trustees of Archbishop Tenison's Chapel, for one year's nominal Rent of Ground and Porches in King Street, to Midsummer, 1866
030Ditto, for Removing Snow from Piccadilly and Regent Street91159
Cash, Income Tax Commissioners, for use of Vestry Hall one year to Michaelmas, 1866550Vestry St. George, Hanover Square. for Repairing portion of St. James's, Street, pursuant to arrangement between the Parishes1,40000
htuor Brookcri and ^ orkmru NV age.877175
Carting Slop and Dust Removal772140
Sweepers Wages7321810
Gas lighting2,00761
St fret Watering, Carta and Men387120
Voter Supply for ditto27 71311
Sewers Works and Wages and Flashing Sewers and Urinals530151
Metropolitan Board of Works, Expense by Precept 18665,024135
Metropolitan Board of Works, Expenses Main Drainage Precept for 18665,77580
Stationary Books and Printing12049
Carried forward£31,6811910Carried forward£23,65202
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