London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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23s, Peter Street. Main drain let off. March 254th.
21, Ryder Street. Drains repaired. February 5th.
46. Report Street. Mains drain unstopped and repaired.
June 5th.
56, Report Street. House and Premises drained from water-
closets to main sewer, with 6 inch pipes, and branch drains
with 4 inch pipes, February 20th.
96, Regent Street. Main and branch drains cleaned and
repaired. April 9th.
130, Regent street, Drain reconstructed with 9 inch pipes,
from water-closet to branch sewer. July 2nd.
5, Richmond street. Main drain let off. August 3rd.
1 and 2, Smith's Court. Drains unstopped. May 17th.
Smith's Court. Drain let off. September 15th.
9, St. James's Place. A new branch drain of 6 inch pipes,
from water-closet in yard to main in back ares. June 11th.
10, St. James's Street. Drain repaired. February 26th.
71, St. James's Street. House drained from sewer to party
wall of back Premises, with 9 inch pipes, there to water-closet,
with 6 inch ditto, all the branches are of 6 inch pipes,
February 24th.
2, Tyler's Court, Berwick street. Main drain let off.
February 12th.
3, Tyler's Court, Berwick Street. Drain let off. may 3rd.
4, Tyler's Court, Berwick Street. Main drain let off.
May 3rd.
27, Tichborne Street. Mian drain unstopped. March 1st.


NUISANCES REMOVED OR ABATED.First Quarter.Second Quarter.Third Quarter.Fourth Quarter.For the whole Year.
Brought forward27053021507823747
Rooms lime-whited....1..1
Water-closets furnished with water....8..8
,, apparatus repaired....4..4
„ cleansed....5..5
„ pans of, broken, removed, and new ones furnished....1..1
„ delapidated generally repaired....1..1
„ offensive cleansed....12..12
,, pans furnished....1..1
„ pans foul, cleansed....4..4
,, seats delapidated, repaired....8..3
„ cleansed generally....5..5
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