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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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“urge that the additional sanitary inspector be
“ continued, that the surface well pomps be abso“lately
closed, that if possible a constant instead of
“an intermittent supply of water be procured, that
"the provision of the Thames Purification Act be
"carried out, that the sewerage of the streets be
"improved, that disinfectants be extensively em“ployed,
and that house to house visitation be
“carried throughout the winter. It should be
"remembered that the germs not of the Cholera poison
"are still existing in our midst, and only waiting
"the slumbering of our local authorities, to burst
"out, and again demonstrate that the most costly
“extravagance in which we can indulge is The neg“lect
of the sanitary condition of our population.”
Only one other case of Cholera was reported during
the year, and this occurred In a young woman in Hed.
don Court, Regent Street She died in Middlesex
Hospital, and Or. Goodfellow, under whose care
she was, expressed some doubt as to whether it
was a case of genuine Asiatic Cholera.
Mortality or 1800.
I now beg to draw your attention to the Tables
published with this Report. The four printed
tables give you at a glance not only the number of
deaths in each quarter, but the cause of the death.
The following table gives the deaths in each quarter:


July 24M...50, Brewer streetDied.Mid. Hospl.
„ 25M...30, Broad streetRecovd.Mid. Hospl.
Aug. 2F...2G8, Regent streetDied.At home.
„ 3M...29, Berwick streetLied.At home.
„ 4M...14, Poland streetDied.At home.
„ 7• •..76, Wardour streetDied.At home.
„ 9M...5, Little Pulteney stDied.At home.
„ 11M...5, Little Pulteney stDied.At home.
„ 23M...1, Harris's placeDied.At home.
Sept. 3M.583, Poland streetDied.Mid. Hospl.
„ 11F.2224, Denman streetDied.At home.
„ 25F.608, Peter streetBecovd.Mid. Hospl.
„ 26F.98, Peter streetBecovd.Mid. Hospl.
„ 28M.33Casual WardDied.Mid. Hospl.
Oct. 10M.4225, Little Windmill st.Died.Mid. Hospl.
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