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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The Vestry of St. James's, Westiminster, from25th March,1866,

to25th March,1867.

Situation.Description of Work.Amount Expended.
PAVING WORKS.£s.d.£s.d.
GenerallyTrenches or openings made good after being disturbed by the various Gas and Water Companies, the cost of which is reimbursed to the Vestry.
No. 1,604
No. 68Openings made good where the Paving has been disturbed by pri vate individuals, the cost of which is reimbursed to the Vestry.
Air StreetRe-laying Footway, regulating Kerbs, &c.2232
Duke StreetRe-laying portions of Footway and Footway7488
St. James's MarketForming Channels and re-laying Footway19161
Princess StreetRegulating Kerbs and Channels, and Repairing Footway29511
Ditto dittoRe-laying portions of Carriageway, Dressing Stone, &c., &c.16579
HaymarketRepairing Footways, Kerbs & Channels1748
Richmond StreetRe-laying Footways, Kerbs & Channels45133
Ditto dittoRepairing Carriageway13152
James Street, UpperRepair to Carriageway & Footways3352
Crown Ct. Pall MallForming Channel and re-laying Foot way1627
Rose and Crown YardLowering and Repairing Entrance20132
St. James SquareRe-laying and Widening Footway, west side71171
Ditto dittoDitto ditto, north side12351
St. James's StreetRe-laying portion, of Carriageway from Park Place to King Street, including Removal of Pitching Stone from west end of P???382135
Regent Street, between Vigo Street and Glasshouse StreetPaving Work in constructing Refuge for Foot Passengers and Fixing Posts, &c.8211
Waterloo Place, oppo nite Charles Street.Ditto ditto769
Ditto dittoCost of 8 Hand Posts with Spurs attached1750
Altering Paving at north west portion of P???dilly by removal of Pitching, and ??? of McAdass22000
Carried forward£128853
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Cost of Flushing above Sewers, 28 15 3
Do. Water for ditto 14 16 0
£43 11 3
6, Upper James st.
194, Piccadilly
20, Argyll street
25, Piccadilly
7, Upper James street
6, Savile row
39, Piccadilly
29, Warwick street
41, Piccadilly
2, Vine street
Hill's place (4 drains)
South row
6, Gt. Marlborough st.
Blenheim street
Pall mall
10, Ryder street
64, St. James's street
36, Savile row [pipes
9, Old Burlington st.
Babmaes mews
Hill's place, laying 9
N.B.— No Amounts are appended to Private Works, as though executed by
the Vestry, the Expense is defrayed by the individuals for whom
the work is done.

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