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St James's 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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numerous or to involve any great expenditure of
money. This is to a certain extent accounted
for by the fact, that the Parish has
been for many years indebted to the judicious
management of a Paving Board and Sewers
Commission, now merged in the Yestry, which
reduces the principal works to be performed, rather
to the maintenance of those already in existence,
than of executing new ones. Another reason
for the absence of any large outlay of money or
expensive works, is the very great care that is at
all times exercised by the Yestry, and as carefully
seconded by the Works Committee, that no
outlay shall be made, or expense incurred, unless
the same shall be found upon due investigation
to be at least advisable, if not, as in most instances,
actually necessary; at the same time it will be borne
in mind that this very circumstance proves that
a great amount of attention has been devoted
even to the smallest items, and that an outlay
of five pounds has received as much patient
deliberation as an amount of five hundred.
A few matters have during the last twelve
months, prominently presented themselves not only
to the notice of the Yestry, but to the public
generally, and demand a passing notice. One of

St. James's Westminster.

An Account of all Contracts entered into or continued by the Vestery during the Year ending of March, 1867.

Date of Contract.Name of Company or Party with whom Contract was made.NATURE of Work to be performoned to be used or suuplied.Amount,or Price.
30th June, 1865,EDWARD THIRST,Generals Works and Repairs to Sewers,At 2½ per cent. under the various prices affixed to the items in the Schedula to the Contracts.
25th March, 1866,MOWLEM & CoPaviours *and Masons Works, and for the supply of Graniter and other Stone, and Materials for Re-Laying and Repairing the Carriageways and Footway Pavings,At various Prices as specified in the Contract.
25th March, 1865,THOMAS FERGUSON,Cleansing the Parish, excepting Regent Street, Regent Cirrus Waterloo Place Piccadilly and Coventry Street,—Removing Dust from the whole of the ParishAt and after the Rata of £.1,020 per Annum.
25th March, 1866,THOMAS FERGUSON,Street Watering the Parish, excepting Regent Street, Regent Circus Waterloo Place, Peeadily Cot entry Street and St. James's and GloldenAt 12s. per day for each single Cart, Horse and Man.
25th March, 1866,CHARLES GODDARD,Watering St. Jamea'a and Glolden Squares.At 8s. per day far earh siagle Cart, Horse and Man
25th March, 1865,WESTERN GAS LIGHT COMPANYLighting the Public lamps in their Division of the Pariah.At £.3 13s. per Lamp per Annum.
24th December, 1805,CHARTERED GAS LIGHT COMPANY .lighting the Public Lamps in their Division of the Pariah,At £.3 15a. 6d. per Lamps Annum
1st May, 1861,HENRY BROWSE,Repairing, Cleansing, Watering, and maintaining Regent Street, including the charge for Water,Not to exceeding £.3,500 per Annum.
25th March, 1865,HENRY BROWSE,Repairing, Cleansing, Watering, and Maintaining Roadway in Piceadily, and Coventry Street so much as Lies in the Parish .At and after the Rate of £,1,620 per Annum.
16th May,1867.
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