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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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Account in Abstract shewing the Receipt and Expenditure under the Metropolis Local Management Act, from the25th

day of March,1860,to the25th day of March,1861.

Balance in Treasurer's hands at the close of Account for year 1860-61,2,81954Contractor (Sewell) for Paving, Broken Guernsey, Lime, Sand, &c.1,24131
Mr. Browse, for New Roadway in Regent Street,4,82714
Sewers, Metropolis Main Drainage, and General Rates for the year 1860, collected to the 25th March, 1861,21,8611711Stone Breakers' and Workmen's Wages, ....952139
Carting Slop, and Dust Removal, .....1,387120
Cash for Works done for Gas and Water Companies,63582Sweeper's Wages.........81629
Cash by Vestry Surveyor, for Grant of Scaffold Licences, and for Deposits on Account of Pavements disturbed for Building and Drainage purposes,3639Gas Lighting, ........2,035104
Street Watering, Carts, Men, &c. .....37580
Water Supply for ditto, .......284153
O U I 1 Cash by Trustees of Archbishop Tenison's Chapel, for Nominal Rent of Ground and Porches in King Street to Midsummer 1860,030Sewers' Works and Wages, and Water for Flushing Sewers,4381611
Metropolitan Board of Works' Expenses by Precept for the Year 1860,........3,06418
Metropolitan Board of Works' Metropolis Main Drainage Precept for the Year 1860,....... /5,393150
Cash per Tax Commissioners for use of Vestry Room One Year,1000
Salaries, £ 1,103 3s. 4d.—Pension, £.56 5s. .1,15984
Stationery, Books, and Printing, .....121110
Bricklayer, Carpenter, Painter, Smith, Gas Fitter, Pump Makei Wheelwright, &c. .......21782
Office Rent, Rates, Taxes, Coals, Gas, &c.531811
Law and Office Disbursements, .....4979
Subscription to Gas Inquiry, ......10000
Horse, Harness, Hay, Corn, &c. .....39166
Collector's Poundage and Expenses, ....138140
Interest on Overdrawn Account, .....7103
Beggs, Supplying and Fixing Urinal in Burlington Mews,31163
Bridges, Preparing Street Watering Return,2000
Berry, Zinc Number Plates to Lamps, ....1410
Deposits returned to Crossing Sweepers,1120
Balance in Treasurer's Hands on the 25th March, 1861,2,59131