London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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to keep down the disease in one Parish by the
utmost vigilance unless surrounding Parishes are
equally careful. I think such a question as this
of suppressing small pox might be made the subject
of discussion between neighbouring Parishes, for
the purposes of mutual protection. The Sanitary
Inspector has continued his work of inspection,
and I have obtained leave to examine the children
of the schools of the Parish with one exception.
The Rev. Harry Jones was anxious to give notice to
the parents of the children attending the new
school in St. Luke's district before he could give
his consent for their examination. During the past
week I have examined the children in the infants'
school in Dufour's Place, the infant, boys and girls
schools at Craven Chapel, and the infant school in
Marshall Street, making altogether 477 children.
Amongst these children 31 were found unvaccinated,
or with the marks so feeble, that I recommended
them to be revaccinated. The question of revaccination
is constantly coming up, and I would
state my opinion that such a practice is not only
free from objection, but that in a certain number of
cases, it is as great a safeguard against small pox
as the original vaccination. It has been proved by
extensive experiments in the Prussian army, and
other large bodies of men, that those who are
revaccinated, are less liable to the disease than
those who have not undergone this operation.
Whether this arises from vaccination being originally
ineffectually performed, or an exceptional


Names of Diseases.St. James's Square.Golden Square.Berwick Street.Total.
Small Pox1124
Scarlet Fever & Diphtheria5161031
Hooping Cough58922


Small Pox. .4. .4
Measles1. .78
Scarlet Fever & Diphtheria28616
Hoopjng Cough2151734
Diarrhoea. .415
Typhus. .8513