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Rotherhithe 1898

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Rotherhithe]

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leading to the wharf and the cells; the latter from the inclined roadway down to the
clinkering floor, which is 9 ft. 6 in. below the level of the tipping floor.
The Destructor Building upon the dock face is carried for a height of 12 ft. 3 in. by
steel joists, supported upon blue brick piers built in cement, 2 ft. 3 in. wide by 1 ft. 6 in.
in depth, the clear span between each being 12 ft.
Carried out from the before-mentioned joists and supported by corbels from the piers is
a lean-to roof to screen the men from the weather when clinkering the furnaces upon that
At the south end of the building- is placed the Disinfector House, divided into two portions
by a wall extending from the floor to the roof. The side of the room for "infected"
goods is 18 ft. by 15 ft., that for the "disinfected" goods 12 ft. by 15 ft. Within this building
has been placed one of Washington Lyon's most improved full size steam disinfectors,
erected by Messrs. Manlove, Alliot and Co., Ltd., of Nottingham, at a cost of £317 10s.
This building also has a wrought iron roof covered with the same materials as the Destructor
Every possible consideration has been given to the question of ventilation, windows
being fixed upon every side, as large as possible, with semi-circular heads, which have
been made to open. In addition to this, skylights to open have also been placed in the
Beneath the inclined roadway space has been left for a very large store.
The contract for the cells, boilers and machinery has been let to the Beaman and Deas
Syndicate, but, except as regards the boilers, which have been made by Messrs. Babcock
and Wilcox, of Renfrew, Glasgow, and tested by me at their works, very little progress
at present has been made with this contract, it being impossible to do much until the
contractors for the buildings were out of the way.
The Furnaces will comprise one Patent Double Cell Destructor, consisting of two cells,
two drying hearths and one combustion chamber, arranged so that each cell acts literally
as a cremator to the other. They will be capable of destroying 30 tons of house refuse
per day of 24 hours by burning under forced draught to a hard clinker.

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