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Rotherhithe 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Rotherhithe]

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In consequence of the closing of All Saints' Burial Ground by Order in Council,
The Vestry in November, 1859, appointed a Committee to consider the best'course to
be adopted for obtaining a burial-ground for this Parish; which Committee instituted
inquiries as to the several cemeteries round the Metropolis, the Committee also
visited the new burial-ground at Brockley, belonging to the Parish of St. Paul,
Deptford, and had a conference with the Burial Board, when that Board agreed to
permit the burial of paupers from this Parish to take place at Brockley, upon the
same terms and conditions as burials from the Parish of St. Nicholas, Deptford, and
the Committee finding the general charge for interments at Brockley Cemetery to be
moderate, and that it would from its proximity prove less expensive to the inhabitants
of this Parish, they recommended to the Vestry that pauper funerals from this Parish
should be taken to that cemetery, which recommendation the Guardians of the Poor
adopted, and all burials at the charge of this Parish have since that time been
satisfactorily performed there.
The Order in Council directing that the coffins in the public vaults beneath the
Parish Church of St. Mary should be covered with fresh earth and concrete, and the
existing entrance bricked up, has been carried out at a total cost of £177 18s.
which was paid under the Act of Parliament, 20th and 21st Victoria, cap. 81, out of
the Poor Rate (see forty-sixth Report of the Medical Officer of Health).
The boundaries of this Parish were perambulated on Holy Thursday, 1859,
the Vestry appointed a Committee to assist the Churchwardens in carrying out
the necessary arrangements, and contributed £20 towards the expenses of the
The Vestry in July, 1859, presented a memorial to the Conservators of the
River Thames urging the erection of a pier for steam-boats, at or near Cherry
Garden Stairs, in the Parish of Bermondsey, and a Committee has been formed
to act in conjunction with a Committee appointed by the Vestry of Bermondsey
in endeavouring to obtain the object prayed for in the memorial.
The Vestry have had under consideration the proposed Bill, to amend the Metropolis
Local Management Act, and caused several clauses to be drawn up for insertion
therein, and amongst others, a clause empowering Vestries and District Boards to
reform, pave, and drain new streets, upon default of the owners, and recover the
expense thereof, from them; also, a clause requiring all cow-houses and marine store
dealers premises, to be annually licensed ; they also urged the insertion of a clause
providing for the representation of this Parish, at the Metropolitan Board of Works,
by an independent Member.
In April 1859, the vestry entered a protest against the removal of the Offices of
the Metropolitan Board of Works, from Greek-street, Soho, to Berkeley House, Springgardens;
also in December 1859, another protest against the appointment by the
Metropolitan Board of Works, of E. II. Woolrych, Esq., as Standing-Counsel and
Legal Adviser of that Board, at an annual retaining fee.

The new Lavstall at the back of the Workhouse is now complete, and the following is a statement of the cost thereof, viz.:—

Labour (including carpenter)55150
Shed roofing and stalls for stone-breakers68100
Tiling old shed, &c.10170
Steining Cesspool for Watercloset3113
Do. Well2181
Specifications, Plans, &c.1000

The following is a statement of the cost of making-up the road and footways in Chilton-street, viz.:—

Asphalte curb42140