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Rotherhithe 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Rotherhithe]

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to proceed with the erection of the Pumping Station at the outlet of the Earl Sewer,
or to commence immediately the northern or Bermondsey branch of the main drainage,
in order to relieve the waterlogged condition of the sewers in this Parish (see Appendix
No. 1) and in August, the Metropolitan Board ordered the erection of Pumping
Engines at the mouth of the Earl Sewer, near Saint George's Stairs, Deptford, for
producing a continual discharge from the sewers in this district, which works are now
being proceeded with.
The Metropolitan Board of Works having in their estimate of the amount required
for the expenses of the Board for the year 1860, proposed to charge the cost of
the erection of the before-mentioned Pumping Station at the mouth of the Earl Sewer
to the Parishes within the Surrey and Kent Districts; the Vestry presented a Memorial
against the proposed apportionment of the cost of such works (see Appendix No.
2). And on the 23rd March, 1860, the Metropolitan Board ordered that so much of
the cost of the works at the Earl outlet, St. George's Wharf, as related to the construction
of the brick and iron pipe sewers, should be charged to the main drainage
account, and that the cost of the engines, engine-houses, pumps, and the annual charge
for pumping during its continuance, should be paid by the several Parishes according
to the actual benefit derived, which had the effect of reducing the amount to be paid
by this Parish from £1844 9s. 5d., to £1397 lis. 5d.
The following works have been done with new and old stone :—
New dressed crossings and channels 256 yards.
New granite carriage-way 72 do.
Old carriage-way relaid 4,684 do.
Granite carriage-way rough dressed 105 do.
New york paving 6,670 feet super.
Old York paving relaid 11,352 do.
Old York new faced 594 do.
New granite curbing 2,678 feet run.
New asphalte curbing 1,688 do
Old curb reset 2,618 do.
Curb reworked 1,1 90 do
New granite circular curb45 do.
materials have been used in the reparation of the roads, footpaths,
Guernsey granite74 yards.
Common do. 0150 do.
Thames ballast 445 do.
Ground carted1330 do.
Lime 46 do.
Sand61 do.
Foundry clinkers 370 do.

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Cash received from Paving Rates, viz:-Commission ditto9389
No. 2, made July, 1856, at 8d. in the pound0114Lighting, half-year to September, 185979579
No. 3, made January, 1857, at 8d. in the pound310Paviours' Labour, one year4050
No. 4, made July, 1857, at 1s. in the pound11108Day Labour ditto36118
No. 5, made february, 1858, at 1s. in the pound6134
Cartage ditto19256
No. 6, made October, 1858, at 8d. in the pound2882
Stone ditto44897
No. 7, made April, 1859, at 6d. in the pound178918
Asphalte Curb ditto42140
No. 8, made October, 1859, at 4d. in the pound103203
Scavengering and Dusting273150
Surrey Consumers' Gas Company, Repairs to Tranches185157Interest on Loan (Mrs. Arnold) one year2208
Rent ditto1000
Southwark Water Company ditto8429
Valuation Committee expenses, one year and a-half4500
Kent Water Company ditto118
Stationery, one year36101
Rent of House, Trinity Street33100
Removal of Nuisances ditto51910
Sundry Contributions for Paving, &c.1180
Lime ditto2906
Cost of Summonses under Nuisances, Removal Act, received of Defendants3140
Gravel ditto14164
. /
Wharfage ditto1556
Shed at Laystall£68100
Pump at ditto4150
Plans, Specifications, ditto1000
Fire Escapes11113
Moiety of cost of crossing at Millpond Bridge, and Iron gate,West Lane, right of way141310
Vaccination Boards1360
Perambulation Expenses2000
Sundry Tradesmen's Bills118110
Balance at Bank1020118
Lent Lighting Account11
Lighting, half-year ending 25th March, 1860.
Cash received from Lighting Rate, viz.:—Lighting, half-year79249
No. 1, made 4th October, 1859, at 3d. in the pound812110½
Borrowed from Paving Account11Commission20187
Sewers for one Year, ending 25th March, 1860,
Balance on 25th March. 18592314Salaries, one year40000
Cash received from Sewers' Rates, viz.,—Commission ditto13075
No. 2, made November, 1856, at 6d. in the pound1711Loan (London and Westminster Bank)250000
No. 3, made July, 1857, at 8d. in the pound1118Interest50165
No. 4, made October, 1858, at 6d. in the pound2189Kent General Drainage22189
No. 5, made April, 1859, at 8d. in the pound234705Bulmer Contract for Private Drainage,1500
No. 6, made November, 1859, in the pound2166106Stationery3138
-4741910½Metropolitan Board of Works190706
Cash received from various persons for putting in drains, &c.11778Labour29805
Trustees of Turnpike Roads, Contribution towards cost of l0 Gulleys3000Cartage1320
Loan from London and Westminster Rank200000Sundry Trandesmans' Bill39173
Balance at Bank1308154
Assets to 25th March, 1860.Liabilities to 25th March, 1860.
Balance at Bank232970Loan, London and Westminster Bank100000
Net outstanding Rates, viz., Paving No. 8,12000Mrs. Arnold on Loan50000
„ „ Lighting, No.1,9000Precept Metropolitan Board of Works for Main Drainage Rate, payable, April, 186080000
„ „ Sewers, No. 6,23000
Account rendered Surrey Gas Company for making good Trenches5175
,, Southwark Water Company ditto5145
Messrs. Baker and Co. Paving at Surrey Dock entrances108113
Accounts for private drainage under agreements to repay by instalments13587
Rent due for House, Trinity Street, (Carpenter, tenant)14100